Monday, July 17, 2017

Lights Flicker

Photo source unknown

lights slowly flicker
fast approaching storm
lightning flashes in an ominous sky
trembling trees, dark clouds form
seeking refuge, birds quickly fly
thunderous roar, heaven rumbles
summer rain begins to tumble
cooling hot streets giant puddles
red robins safely huddle
watching night lights flicker

posted for dVerse
writing Quadrille #36
44 words using the word flicker  

author's note: I wrote this as a storm
passed through the area

Sunday, July 16, 2017


There's a place where the river flows
hawks perched watch those below
travelers dip their wooden paddles
mystical songs, turtle rattles

Eagle spirit soars above

drifting around the river bend
dreaming of messages to send
guarding waters, the river-keeper
spiritual quests must run deeper

Tree spirits line the shore

apparitions move soundlessly
blessing waters to run endlessly
ride the current, follow the signs
beyond grey skies, harmony aligns

Reflections - water is life

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Moving Stars from Afar

photo - pinterest

There is movement beyond the stars
innermost dreams a dragon guards
stirring true hearts in a cloud-sea
love grows beneath a cosmic tree

weaving through celestial worlds
destiny waiting on wings unfurled
sending signals throughout the night
traveling towards the morning light

softly a whisper, are you awake
visions flicker before dawns break
believing dreams are the gateway
breathing in the magic of a new day

there is movement beyond the stars
love grows beneath a cosmic tree

writing about movement

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Spirit Within

To find your true soul purpose
you must be willing to expand
the depth of your heart center
stretching  your mind, body
and spirit

focusing  on your breathing
clearing your head of debris
slowly inhaling and exhaling
become your own warrior
giving thanks to the moon
and stars for clarity, greet
the day with a sun pose

the path to enlightenment
starts with the first wobbly
step, balance comes with
practice overcoming personal
boundaries, you are able
to stand with confidence
resting on one foot with
the crane as your guide

meditate with the bird-songs
listening to the call of nature
tranquility comes from within
find your inner peace and
you will find your true self

Kind thoughts
Kind words
Kind heart

unknown source

Written for Poets United
Midweek Motif - Yoga

Thank you for visiting

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sgt Pepper's Spicy Trip

Come join the lonely hearts club band
Sgt Pepper promised
with a little help from my friends
you  could dance in strawberry
fields forever

She hopped the bus for a magical
mystery tour, passing Penny Lane
singing with Lucy in the sky
with diamonds

written for dVerse
Quadrille #35
writing a 44 word poem
incorporating "Pepper"
thanks for visiting I had
fun with this one!